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We Are a Leading Supplier of Belt Conveyors

Belt Conveyors

We are a leading supplier for Belt Conveyors in the state of Wisconsin. We have decades of experience with the assessment, supply, and installation of Belt Conveyor systems. We have a wealth of experience with custom implementations in new environments as well as in the integration of new systems into existing production/transport environments.

What Is an Belt Conveyor?

An Belt Conveyor is a powered conveyor suspended above the ground used for transporting materials throughout a facility or facilities. Unlike, for example, a Roller Conveyor, which is intended to drive the load, a belt conveyor is intended to drive the BELT, which MOVES the load. This distinction means that the properties of the load have less impact on its movement.

When should I use an Belt Conveyor?

Belt Conveyors are well-used in situations where space is an issue. They allow a production or transportation facility to utilize space that could otherwise go to waste in addition to being invaluable for transporting sensitive or irregular items.

What products should I move using an Belt Conveyor?

Belt Conveyors, and Belt Conveyors in general, are great for moving irregular objects. An "irregular object" is anything that does not have a flat bottom and/or is not wide enough to stretch across rollers or skatewheels. Irregular items have a tendency to fall between rollers and skatewheels, slowing down entire production lines and even damaging products. Belt Conveyors also offer consistent speed; since they are not gravity-assisted, the properties of the objects being transported have no bearing on their movement, minimizing accidents.

How are Belt Conveyors Maintained?

Because Belt Conveyor systems are motorized, there are a variety of parts that may need to be replaced over time that would not be present in simpler conveyor systems such as Roller Conveyors.